Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Rare Tucson Snow, University of Arizona, 2/20/13

North of the Modern Language Building, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

Outside the Student Union

Across from the Student Union

Outside the theatre, even Hamlet was cold!

I wasn't cold. I had on five layers of winter clothes!

Tucson itself seemed like some crazy travel destination today. I was giving a second-language workshop when it started to snow, at which time all my teachers turned into five-year-olds and wanted to go outside and take pictures on their Iphones. I couldn't blame them! It was spectacular.

It was very funny to notice which students knew about the winter forecast and which didn't. Some were wearing shorts and sandals while others had umbrellas and boots! (Guess which camp I was in......)

Then I went to the Rec Center for a swim. The poor lifeguards! Unfortunately, they don't get paid extra if it's cold out! (I was not the only crazy person swimming. There was another gal too.)

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