Monday, June 24, 2013

Tivoli's Villa d'Este

One of my favorite spots to visit in Italy is the quiet town of Tivoli, which hides the luxurious gardens of Villa d'Este.

 The villa was the brainchild of Ippolito d'Este II, who was the Cardinal of Ferrara. Because he considered his governor's palace in Rome too rustic, he wanted to create the perfect summer retreat.
 Today visitor's can stroll past the Organ Fountain (above), the Hundred Fountains (left), the Fountain of the Dragons, the Grotto of Diana, and the Fish Ponds, and those are just for starters!
I like the Hundred Fountains the best. All the figures are slightly different. On a hot day, the fountains cool you off. More importantly, they seem to be whispering, "What secrets would you like to share with me?"
Despite the beauty of the Hundred Fountains, though, I also found some people who just wanted to relax and read. At Villa d'Este, there's something for everyone!

For a better view, check out Tivoli Reads Mariachi Murder.


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