Friday, January 23, 2009

Cruise Great Britains Canals in a Rose Narrowboat

Not sure what to do with your summer vacation? Two years ago we had a great time renting a narrowboat and motoring along the Oxford Canal. While there are several companies that rent narrowboats, we were quite happy with the services from Rose Narrowboats. We rented the boat for four days. We didn't travel very far or very fast, but half the fun was listening to sheep, stopping at pubs, and generally kicking back. The hardest part was navigating the locks. Try to avoid passing through them in the rain!

Even though the narrowboats are small, they're quite efficient. Shelves are built into the walls, and the tiny bathrooms are perfectly serviceable. What we liked the most was that canal travel forces you to go at a relaxing pace. One of our favorite activities was watching all the different boats. They were gaily decorated with happy colors. Many had mascots, either live or painted. We did have one incident with intruders. When we came back from an excursion to Braunston, our boat had been invaded by ducks!

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  1. Great post and cute pics....Thanks for sharing!!!!


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