Friday, January 16, 2009

Buy Those Tickets!

Since it's already mid-January, it's high time to buy summer air tickets if you haven't already. The biggest consideration might be your own flexibility. If your summer vacation dates are specific, you won't want to lose out on an extra day of vacation because you can't find a plane ticket for the day you really want.

I've also found that while it's convenient to shop around on Expedia or a similar service, it's best to actually buy the ticket directly from the airline. That way, if you do have trouble, you should be able to solve your problems a bit more smoothly.

After hemming and hawing I finally bought my summer ticket. Just as I did last year, I'm flying in and out of four airports: Phoenix to Rome, Zuerich to St. Louis. I considered flying to Chicago instead of St. Louis (my parents live in Springfield, which is closer to St. Louis), but it was actually more expensive to fly to Chicago instead, even though I have to fly through Chicago to get to St. Louis. Go figure.

By playing around I was able to get a little better price. For example, the 7am flight out of Zuerich was $25 cheaper than the 10:30 flight. The downside is that I'll be nervous about trying to catch such an early flight! Flying on Thursday was cheaper than flying on Saturday, and flights are usually less crowded during the week.

Don't delay! Get your summer tickets as soon as possible.

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