Monday, September 30, 2013

First Impressions: Thailand

I was able to talk two girlfriends into going to Thailand with me for a simple reason--we hadn't been there before. Or maybe they were the ones convincing me! 

One of our first surprises was the arrival from the airport. The taxi driver wove in and out of travel as if he were a player inside a pinball machine! It was rather amazing, especially as he whizzed by all the tuk-tuks, or golf-cart like vehicles that were slower than we were. On the other hand, everything was slower than we were! 

By the time we zoomed to our hotel, we were out of breath and glad just to be standing still! But it was the start of a great adventure.

And since I'm a writer, those adventures got put to good use in my new novel, Thai Twist. I'll explain more in future blog posts; please stay tuned!

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